Regulatory consolidation express industry hit mix of the industry indicates that negative

  recently, the new express security vulnerabilities exposed the express industry, CCTV has exposed a sorting center in Beijing, Shanghai express sort of violence inside, causing the massive reorganization of State Post Bureau to express. Last day of 2012, State Post Bureau announced cancellation of 116 National Express business license, January 5 from postal authorities, issues related to exposure of the State Post Bureau recently, organize the relevant provinces (municipalities) postal service quickly launched an investigation and interviewed the relevant courier company.
/> volley consolidation express industry express lost, sort of violence, security loopholes ... ... With this series of express shady light, the reorganisation of the State Postal Bureau began to express "Storm". On December 31, 2012, the State Post Bureau announced cancellation of the 116 National Express business permits, and to post a notice, express service special rectification activities to be carried out, Stern express behavior of businesses harming the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and grasp the collection, distribution, courier express company during the Spring Festival to normal. For domestic private courier to join branch widely mixed bag pattern, also made it clear that: "unauthorized illegal business express business, as well as through joining, delegate, a contracted form of beyond the express license scope of illegal business behavior, severely punished. "
the same day, the Department hosted by Yang, Minister of transportation, the express market management approach adopted by the (trial revision), to supplement the management body and clearly below the provincial level administrative organs of postal express market supervision and management responsibilities, both to express join qualifications, rights and obligations, such as content of the specification.
in addition, the State Post Bureau on the media exposure of the shentong express conducted surveys and interviews. On December 26, 2012, the postal authority in Nanyang, Henan province, surveys and visit the Sto express on January 4, 2013, Shanghai postal administrations for the outside world reflects the violence picking, customer information leaks and other problems, also interviewed the Shanghai shentong Express. It is learnt that the shentong express interview day submit corrective action reports.
/> not optimistic about reorganization of the industry, however, in this regard, China Express Logistics Advisory Xu, Chief Consultant that had limited success. Xu to express reporters said most of the cancellation of business licenses for a graceful exit, including the business name and location changes, on their own initiative out of the market. And part is because express business failures or franchisee located branch offices closed down. "Real serious breaches was cancelled courier qualified for only a small minority, for the regulation of industry turmoil remain palliatives. "
for this interview, Xu says that those constraints means effective in the short term, but is insufficient to achieve the effect of punishment. "From a long-term perspective, postal regulators must be promulgated as soon as possible to express specific measurement of service quality supervision. For example, how to define sorting issues of violence, sorting and tossing more than that is how many meters is a sort of violence; in addition, the mechanization of some large enterprises could be mandatory requirements for the job. "Mr Xu also believed that:" confusion to join a source of courier chaos, express delivery companies to remain competitive, from joining the business, should be 5-10 as soon as possible to transition to a system of direct. ”

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